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    Glad I could help out...

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    Display off

    So, the waveshare b Display (the usb one) is running. If i push the on off button on the screen, the Display is off but the backlight is on. Is it possible to switch the backlight with the touchscreen off?. On the back of the screen is a switch, but this is not available if the screen is installed. Thanks a lot
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    Thank you very much!

    Quote Originally Posted by andjo View Post
    Great & thanks for your responses.
    Meanwhile I got the usb version of the monitor an adopted the pdf. I also copied the long codes into text boxes - so copy & paste should now work correctly.
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    Thank for the excellent guide.

    I am now working to turn the screen backlight off when the player is stopped.

    Waveshare has a very good document for controlling the backlight. https://www.waveshare.com/w/upload/5...ght_manual.pdf

    (Some soldering required)
    Simple script

    gpio -g pwm 18 1024
    gpio -g mode 18 pwm #set the pin as PWM
    gpio pwmc 1000
    gpio -g pwm 18 X #change the brightness, X ranges 0~1024

    I have a GPIO 18 conflict with the HIfiberry but I am just looking for on/off.

    gpio -g mode 23 out
    gpio -g write 23 1
    gpio -g write 23 0

    No need for a script to turn the display on/off.
    I just set Squeezelite Settings - Power On/Off GPIO to "23" and Active Low.

    Works like a charm.
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