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    Quote Originally Posted by vlycop View Post
    You know what, i don't like running command from my desktop in order to get software
    I'll give you this, i made it myself quickly so i can't guarantee it but you if you'r under gnome, it will give you a nice icon an all.

    make a file named squeezeplay.desktop in /opt/squeezeplay/ and copy this inside :
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Launch Jive GUI 
    Then download the official icon form the wiki and save it inside /opt/squeezeplay/

    Finish by creating a "soft link" between the file you created and /usr/share/applications/
    sudo ln -s /opt/squeezeplay/squeezeplay.desktop /usr/share/applications/
    you now see it in you application launcher under Sound & Video, with fancy icon

    I made this in 25sec, so i absolutely didn't look around to see if they was already some .desktop made, but i thought i might share anyway.
    Sorry for the noise if this was useless.
    Thanks - my fix was similar to yours.
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    FYI, I opened a new thread on this forum with title SqueezePlay on Linux does not connect to Logitech Media Server.
    Suggestions for solving my problem are much appreciated.

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