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    Latest versions?

    I know it must be somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it -- where are the latest stable versions to be found?

    I did a general web search and found the "nightly" page, with a recent iteration of 7.9.2, but am not sure if this is considered "stable" or if there is another location.

    The download location should be in a message created as a sticky, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonM View Post
    where are the latest stable versions to be found?
    As far as I can see, you can find them all at:

    With 7.9.1 as the latest "community release":

    Most people however, just use the nightlies. They are very stable. Latest nightlies:

    Here's a changelog for all versions:

    If you want to follow new development in more (technical) details, you can go to the Git repository and look at latest commits. New checkins will usually be available in a nightly build within 24 hour:

    If you got a Synology NAS, you might want to check Pinkdot's builds:
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