I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I'm trying to understand the protocol between remote controls and LMS.

I'm watching the connection from "squeeze ctrl" (android control) to LMS. It specifies its "supportedConnectionTypes" as "streaming". LMS responds by asserting its supportedConnectionTypes as ["long-polling","streaming"].

What confuses me a little is that I don't see "streaming" anywhere in the cometd protocol spec. (Only values I see specified are "long-polling", "callback-polling", and something I don't understand/care about iframe/flash.)

I found some code chunks in Cometd.pm that suggest the "streaming" has something to do with chunking (whatever that means).

So, my questions:

- is "streaming" an extension local to this community?

- does this string mean I can't, for example, replace LMS with cometd (java reference implementation of bayeaux protocol)?

- what is streaming vs long-polling supposed to suggest?