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    Quote Originally Posted by SamS View Post
    I saw your instructions for checking the output.ana info, but I'm not sure where I should be running the command 'flac -a Song.flac'? I'm using a Mac, if that matters. Happy to check these files and report back, if you could provide this last bit of guidance. Thanks.
    Flac is a executable on the same system as the LMS. You can find it in the LMS Bin directory - the right subdirectory will depend on your OS (see Web GUI Setting/Information tab "Helper Applications Folder")

    run the4 command from a command line (i.e. shell in Linux, Terminal in OSX, command prompt in Windows)

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    If you buy from HDTracks, it is worth the money to buy DBPoweramp.

    Everytime my Transporter chokes on a 24-bit stream, it is one from HDTracks. Incompatible FLAC format and/or compression rate. Re-encode it through DBPoweramp and problem solved.

    It will also downsample a 192 khz purchase down to a Transporter-friendly 96 khz, or downsample and convert 24-bits so it is usable in iTunes’ World, where the iPods in our vehicles live.

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    Another transcoding software option is XLD for Mac

    OP could try XLD (X Lossless Decoder) for Mac - itĺs free and has all the transcoding options one may need. https://sourceforge.net/projects/xld/

    No need to buy dbpoweramp

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    I have and use both. Both are good. XLD iis not always as good at tag preservation as dbpoweramp is, especially during format conversions. With XLD, I find myself having to use Kid3 more often to clean up tags. Thatĺs why I recommend dbpoweramp first. As always, you get what you pay for. But for free, you simply cannot beat XLD.

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    Plus dBpoweramp has a great user forum if you ever need any help with great support from the development team. Plus dBPoweramp runs on MacOS and Windows.

    I think it's worth the very low cost.

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