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    Regarding the replacement PSU, could I use something like this?


    Offers 12v output, 2250mAh. Has the correct tip size 5.5 x 2.5 I believe.

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    Probably, I just find those universal thingys tp be a bit fiddly, I'd find something advertised as a replacement for Boom.
    For instance, https://www.amazon.de/Netzteil-Ladeg...squeezebox+12v

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeBul View Post
    Could also be the external PSU that has failed - not the Boom itself.

    Replacements on eBay or elsewhere on the net are not very expensive.

    Agree, thought I had lost mine last year and it was only the PSU. I just got a 3rd party one from eBay and it was fine. From memory was about ú15 UKS. Still going strong now.
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    Raspberry Pi + screen as replacement for Boom/Touch



    This and a Pi board would make a good replacement for SB players if you load LMS or Squeezeplay on them.

    The entire setup including a PS would be about $200.
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