I bought my first slim devices squeezebox a long time ago - back in 2006 - before music streaming over the internet was really a thing. It was revolutionary. I ripped all my cds, and listened to music that I hadn't heard for ages. Over the years, my wife and I and my 4 kids have used it constantly. It has been the best tech purchase I ever made. I even contributed some very early code to fix a problem I had with my original setup.

I know there are still avid fans out there, but for me its time to move on. My worn out laptop (running LMS) is so old that it is hard to get parts for. I no longer have the time to tinker and fiddle to get things "just so". And my ears aint what they used to be. Now days we mostly listen to spotify (except for some esoteric albums from my old collection that will never be available). We already use google play to purchase video content so we can watch it on a variety of devices, and use plex for my local video content. It all works seamlessly with chromecast.

I'm a bit sheepish to say that today I bought a chromecast audio. I pointed Plex at my music library, plugged in the chromecast, and 5 minutes later I was streaming music to the loungeroom. It took me about 2 minutes to explain how to use it to my youngest (8 years old). For my needs, its easier to setup, easier to use and easier to maintain.

SO.. I'm a bit sad to say that I'm looking for a home for my old setup.
- Logitech squeezebox 3 ( my original slim devices one failed a while back )
- 2x Logitech duet and controller (batteries are shot on the controllers)

PM me with an offer. I'll accept anything that covers the chromecast and postage. Otherwise I'll donate it to the local Op Shop - which is always good for your second hand karma

Jules - Melbourne, Australia