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    I have not done this and it is a long overdue , thank to BPA and ronnie for al the work and help they offer to many on here and other forums in using the LMS and Logtitech related players . Without the general hard work and willingness to get things fixed many of the plug ins (BBC , Spotify to name but two) would have gone and left lots of users very unhappy . While some seem to feel the LMS is a poor piece of software I know this to be wrong . Most of the problems that occur are caused by Providers and not the software at all . Given that LMS is still a free software the back up and work done on the nasic program and all plug ins by various members makes this in my view the best supported Server Software with real responsive and inclusive help not only fixing the issue but letting you know what was the problem .

    So better late than never - Thank you
    System - Concordant Exhilirant Valve Pre , SBT Triode EDO,Toolbox 3.0 , Theta Data Basic II Transport , Perpetual Technology P-1a,P-3a,Anti Mode 2.0 Dual Core,Krell KSA50 MK 1 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by VFRBOB View Post
    Thanks again BPA and Ronnie for all your hard work and help. I'm at the day job just now but I'll make the changes in listen again this evening when I get home. !! If either of you is ever in Toronto I owe you both a pint or three !!!

    Best regards

    The same offer applies in Sydney Australia too - Back up and running here. Many thanks.

    LMS Server: ReadyNAS 421
    Squeezeplayers on Max2play: Pi3 and HiFi Berry DigiPro into Onkyo 509: PiB and Wolfson (yes _that_ one) original soundcard card in B+W speaker: Squeezeplay 7.8.0r1101 on Mac
    Ipeng 9 on iphone and ipad

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