I applied Synology LMS Beta version 7.9.1 - 168 a few weeks ago. I have used it successfully with my mix of Raspberry PI piCorePlayer clients; AirPlay speakers via the AirPlay bridge plugin; and with my Innous Zenith media streamer. They work beautifully together.

I also have a couple of Squeezebox Duets, but they are not recognized by the Synology LMS Beta version. I reset one of them back to factory defaults and ran the setup program. The controller connected to the network and the light on the Duet is bright white, but it does not appear in LMS. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I could buy a couple more Raspberry PI DACs, but I'd rather not. While I love the Raspberry's for what they do, I like the Duet form factor better. Having said that, the Raspberry DACs have better sound quality