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    Looking at the website, that is an USB based card. While it may technically be supported on an the rpi. USB is far from the strength of the board. There are no special drivers needed on pCP, just select USB Audio. But in the past USB devices working are hit and miss.
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    Khadas Tone Board works fine in PCP as a USB device, and has done so for a couple of months without issue. However, I find it is improved with SPDIF input from an IQAudio Pi-Digi+, with only power via USB.

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    piCorePlayer with LMS and > 100k tracks - Wow!

    Because of a problem with my main LMS server unit, I built a pi-3B+ running picoreplayer (ver 4.1.0). I have attached a USB 3 portable drive. I have about 100,000 tracks, mostly FLAC, some mp3 or m4a. Mostly 16/44.1 files with a handful of 24/96 files.

    My observation is that the pi does a great job running LMS. No problem with serving files, including to two or three synched players. I expected this part would be fine. I assumed that the browsing and searching would be very slow. But for browsing I find it very snappy (within album artist or within album, for example). And even searching seems relatively fast. This surprises me.

    Great job! (2nd donation just made). Am I just lucky or can this little pi really function well as a server with a 100k+ library. (I recall starting my squeezebox journey with squeezeserver running on a ReadyNas Duo (v1) and it was painful to browse on even a 40k library).
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