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    piCorePlayer: security


    I am a new and happy user of piCorePlayer running its LMS on a Raspberry PI 3B+. LMS was previously running on an old and struggling ReadyNAS NV+ where the music is still stored. piCorePlayer gave a second life to my much loved Squeezebox platform: faster, more syncable players, Spotty plugin, reduced workload on the NAS, etc. Thank you pCP team !

    Before moving to my next project, ie building a Touch-like RPi-based player, I would like to finalize the security part.
    Are there recommendations or best practices to secure piCorePlayer? I started to look at iptables, but have not even found a way to install it from the Tiny Core forum as my experience of Linux is very limited. Has anyone already managed that part or is it considered risk-free?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes you can install iptables on pCP, but it’s really not neccessary. You can shut down all services, so only squeezelite/jivelite is running.

    LMS itself is not designed to be ran accessible from the internet. LMS and associated devices should only be on your local network. If you want remote access to your music, use a VPN.
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    Nothing to worry then. Thanks a lot!

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