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    Quote Originally Posted by Blu3IcE View Post
    The post does not say which solution you've finally chosen. The raspian approach? With installing everything manually?
    Can you maybe elaborate a bit?

    Maybe the makers of piCorePlayer can be convinced to include this.
    I did not finally choose to buy a DSP+ ! but the solution is still use raspbian to upload and then insert piCore SD card the DSP parameters are on non volatile storage.

    This is fairly easy to do but yes it would be nice if the devs could include the dsp tools

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    It looks just python based, you should easily be able to install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul- View Post
    It looks just python based, you should easily be able to install.
    Cool thanks!

    As I said, I don't have a HifiBerry yet. But that looks promising. :-)
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    The alternative is to use Inguz EQ/DRC.

    Having said that, if the intention is to implement Digital Room Correction (which Inguz can certainly perform) there is a considerable learning curve in room measurement techniques, the design of a target response and the creation of the impulse filters (I use Acourate for these), all before you get to using them with Inguz.

    If interested, I've collated all the information and files for Inguz in this thread: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...1-Inguz-EQ-DRC.
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    I have this card, I'm using it under the hifiberry DAC Zero in squeeze settings- is this correct?


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