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    Empty entries in add. browse mode menus (for library view)


    What I did:
    using LMS search I searched for all tracks with KEYWORD in the comments tag and then I saved this search as a (virtual) library view.
    In the advanced LMS settings I used additional browse modes to create an artist menu based on the new library view.

    Here's the problem:
    some artists in that new menu have album entries listed that shouldn't be there and are empty when you click on them. These "incorrect" / empty albums are compilation albums and they do feature a track from that artist, just not one that has KEYWORD in the comment tag.
    This behaviour is not limited to the artist menu. If I create a genre menu for this library view and select a genre it may list some empty/"incorrect" artists for this genre.

    All of my compilation albums have their compilation flag set to true and their album artist is always "Various Artists". Looking at the LMS code this seems to be how LMS expects compilations to be tagged. I use a single, configurable list of artists, compilations are listed under each artist, and the TPE2 MP3 tag is treated as album artist. "Filter Contributor Roles..." is set to only show tracks/albums matching the selected role for an artist.
    I've changed these settings and experimented with them but no other/different combination of the above settings got rid of the empty/"incorrect" entries.

    If you can think of any way of how to solve this that I haven't tried yet please let me know.
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