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    Boom switches off briefly during playback

    I have a strange issue which appears to be network specific. Using one of my private Booms in the secondary workspace, along with a Raspi LMS. The same Boom does not cause any problems at home. In the office though, I am observing a strange behavior in the Boom having very short interruptions during playback which sound like the device is going to standby and back on. Happens within just a fraction of a second and repeats roughly every 50 seconds. The display also switches off briefly and resets, i.e. if it was scrolling content, it will immediately return to the beginning of the text and restart scrolling shortly after that.
    The network is 1GBit, using wired ethernet, and IPv4 and IPv6 exist on the network but as far as I know, SB devices are not aware of IPv6 anyway so that should not cause issues.
    The server's log did not reveal any strange things. Nothing is added there when the interruptions take place. I'm wondering now whether it's the Raspi-driven LMS but apparently something like this was never reported.
    Anybody have an idea how to troubleshoot this? I know it is possible to telnet into some Squeezebox devices but the Boom is not one of them, or at least I never managed to get in. Something might surface in the OS on the device side, however, I don't know where and how to go on. Will try a different player (Radio / Classic) in the next days to see if other players are doing the same.

    Thank you and regards,
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