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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    As others said I'm still a Logitech employee. And Logitech is not only
    paying for my living and this forum, but mysqueezebox.com/uesmartradio.com (which is many times the cost of the
    forum!), build systems, some updates every now and then etc. too.

    But the reason why LMS is still called LMS is much simpler: renaming it
    is useless effort only, a waste of resources imho. If somebody wants to
    work on LMS, then please do work on features, not the name. That's what
    I decided to do for myself.

    As JJZolx showed it's easy to have your own custom name in the web UI
    and some other places. Feel free to do so :-).


    Hey, Michael. No offense intended. I forgot that you still worked for Logitech, and you have helped me several (many) times with issues I've had over the years, so my thanks to you and thus also to Logitech for not abandoning us. I had it in the back of my mind that this community was separate from Logitech and was now more of a "volunteer" community of those of us who refuse to move on (because the LMS and Squeezebox system is IMHO still the best music solution out there and does what we need it to. It. Just. Works.). I was wrong.

    As to "defunct": I meant "no longer in production." That's all.

    I tried to convey my simple desire to know why it was still called LMS. I have several non-SB products by Logitech and they all work as they should. As long as they pay the bills and keep our little habit alive, I'm good (although I would buy a new SB Touch right now if they were still in production). I've never had ill will toward Logitech. Although "Squeezecenter" IS shorter. But then, I'm too lazy and probably too functionally illiterate to change it.

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    I say thanks to Logitech and to Michael for keeping LMS alive and well.
    Imho itĺs still the best music server software by some way. Others - Room & Plex spring to mind - have features that Iĺd like to see it in LMS but none is fundamentally as good at some core stuff such as playlist management as LMS and none have the plugin skills that some here display on a regular basis.
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    I am a lifetime subscriber to Plex Pass (which I only for TV shows and movies), and I use Subsonic when I'm on the road, and NONE of the alternatives have the ONE plugin that I absolutely love about LMS: Charles Parker's Spicefly Sugarcube. I can start a seed track and listen for hours. Or days.

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    One thing I have to add is a few years after jumping into the bandwagon of developping plugins for LMS, I'm still amazed by how robust the architecture is. I'm sure there are some "dark corners" in the code, as Michael calls them, but there is not a single addition I wanted to create that I was not able to do, and I think I've some very different ones. I don't think a lot of platfrom can pretend to be that well thought.

    So kudos to the team that did it and, to some extend, "it breaks my heart" that commercial success is not here anymore ... that's life
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