Not to step on anyone elses outstanding work on this - here are some screen shots for noobs like me...

Also, if the ending text of the .pls file name is '...aac.pls' it is for AAC streams, which might be of higher quality.
Removing the AAC part when retrieving the .pls file (NOT necessarily the content link inside the .pls), i.e. kxntamaac.pls becomes kxntam.pls seems to provide links to .MP3 streams for those interested...

Now to get this developed into a plugin by someone - like the great iHeart Radio plugin...

Main site - do your search

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Click the yellow 'info' icon to get to the next page

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As already stated previously, this will download a .pls file.
Examine the contents in your favorite text editor (Notepad in Windows, etc.)

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