I am on day 1 of using my new squeezebox server. My Father in law kindly setup the server with a Raspberry Pi DAC which I am attempting to operate via 'Prange Squeeze on my phone. When I originally detected the RPi it appeared as one of the players alongside my Samsung phone. Unfortunately, I could not get the Orange Squeeze app to play any of my library. I could search Artists/Albums but when the album was selected the songs would appear and then disappear in the playlist within seconds. In my ignorance I went to the players list in the menu and choose the 'connect to my squeezebox.com' option. Depsite warning me that it might take some time for the player to reappear in the list, it has not.

I want to know how to detect the RPi as a player and then fix the issue of not being able to actually play songs with it. Why do the songs appear then disappear?

Sorry if this is lacking in technical detail but I am still trying to wrap my head around the basics. In the first instance I need back to square one where I could at least see the RPi in my list of players.