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    I'm running an Pi4 with a Pi Touchscreen, PiCore and LMS. I'm trying to have an on/off button (It can be two button if neede). So far I have connected my button to GPIO 22, and the shutdown works. I need a proper shutdown as it is connected to a multiplug that I switch on/off quite often. Currently I don't mind that it always turns on and turning it off manually, but I would like to improve it.

    Here some questions:
    - I noticed that the screen does not fully turn off (backlight is just on the lowest brighest). How can I turn it off?
    - Is it possible to turn it back on again with the same button? I noticed an option the interface (not the web one, the physical one on the screen) called "Enable Power On Button when Powered Off", how to use it?
    - Is it possible to not have it turn on when the power is applied, but rather wait the press of a button?

    Many thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I got a RemotePi Board and it is working beautifully. Exactly what I needed.
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    Shutdown script

    I've setup std gpio pin 22/24 in web interface but i would like to create automatically a log entry at shutdowns. The script in /opt/shutdown.sh seems to be replaced at each boot.
    do i miss something ?

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    See FAQ "My changes disappeared".

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