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Is your problem with the track presentation in the LMS webgui? You seem to have all the necessary information already encoded in the tags. In my experience it seems the presentation in the right side, top of page, is:
1st line: TITLE <according to to setting under tab "user interface" ("grńnssnitt" in swedish), could be TITLE | DISC-TRACKNUM. TITLE | etc>
2nd line: COMPOSER, DIRECTOR, ALBUMARTIST , ARTIST (if all set). No way to display other tags that I can see.
3rd line: ALBUM

Have you tried to set the TPE2 as ALBUMARTIST instead? (It will cause a rescan of your music library so may take some time plus still not get the wanted results.) Long shot, I know ...

Full disclosure: I have no idea what I'm saying here since I have never used the Custom Scan plugin. Beware :-)
I think that if I set TPE2 to ALBUMARTIST there will be no Band tag...
The issue I have is for dsf files only; LMS treats TPE2 as albumartist or Band. But how should I tag to show a different albumartist (for example Podger) that differs from the Band (Brecon Baroque)?