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    Pi3b/IQ Audio DAC Pro/Digi Amp/Case/Power Brick For Sale

    For Sale To UK Only

    Raspberry Pi 3B
    IQ Audio Digi Amp
    IQ Audio DAC Pro

    Above Assembled into:

    IQ Audio Smoked Plexiglass Custom Case

    IQ Audio 19V Power Brick (Back feeds power to all three elements from Digi Amp through GPIO contacts).

    Not included SD Card and Power Brick Mains Lead (Kettle Lead).

    I assembled all these spare parts after changing out my Pi DAC combination to the Digi+ to support Bi-amping my study speakers through new amplifier.

    The DAC/Pro and Digi Amp were working yesterday and the Pi was working some time ago when I last changed the topography of my home audio system.

    Buyer assumes the responsibility of burning a new SD card and connecting appropriate speakers. I used PiCore Player.

    See this post for Squeezelite Configuration in PiCore:


    These combined item would cost about ú175.00 new and I'm offering them here for ú85.00 to include first class postage.

    Please PM me if you wish to purchase these items to arrange payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal before despatch.
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