Hi folks,

after many years of tinkering with a multiroom audio system I have finally decided to get my hands dirty and installed LMS plus a couple if piCP instances on a couple of RPi's. This stuff rocks I must say. Syncing of players is really something cool that I was hoping Emby would at some point implement (I have a huge collection under Emby) but I don't think they are focused on Music that much. You need a dedicated solution and LMS seems to be just that, and its Open Source which is the think that I'm most interested in. No vendor lock in is my motto.

While I have a working system set up, controlling it through a web interface is not the most practical of solutions. Therefore, an Android controller is a must. So my questions is which is the controller that you would recommend bearing in mind that it my be free (open source), available on F-droid (I've got rid of Google for ever and live in a Google free world)? Most things such as Squeze Controller and Squeezer (which I think are the most popular free options) can't be found on F-droid. Are you aware of where the apk can be found (and safe to do so)?

I look forward to you response.