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    PiCorePlayer LMS questions

    Hi all
    I have been using PiCorePlayer in a player role on RP3 for quite a while.
    Now I would like to use LMS on the RP3 as well with the following functionalities:
    - store music on the microSD card (128Gb, so there should be enough space)
    - access the music folder from a Win10 PC (much like I access music on a Synology NAS)
    - continue to use the Squeezebox functionality on the RP3, playing out through a hifiberry digi+ optical
    - use other Squeezebox Classic devices to play the music on the RP3 via LMS

    I am not very fluent in Unix, so the challenge is the second point, accessing the music directory from a Windows 10 PC to manage the music.

    I would appreciate some pointers how to do this.
    Thanks a lot
    • Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.2
    • SB3
    • SB Touch (5x)
    • RP2 / RP3 mit piCorePlayer

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    If using lms on pi consider to put the pi on some sort of ups to avoid sd corruption in case of power outage.
    For accessing the W10 share just follow pcp help, pretty much straight forward.
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    thanks, edwin2006
    I got it working using an USB stick
    • Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.2
    • SB3
    • SB Touch (5x)
    • RP2 / RP3 mit piCorePlayer

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