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    Which Streaming Music Service works best for You and your system?

    I absolutely love my LMS system. I have either Windows PC's or Android Devices in most every section of my home that I sync music to on and off depending on various family member moods all day long. We use it all the time for lots of things.

    We're just now considering a subscribing to a music streaming service. But we're not sure which one will work the best for us. We've just signed up for a Spotify trial as we like the various selections of 50's to 70's Jazz they have on board. We like the deep cuts they have and the large selection. But we're still working on getting it setup to interface and stream through LMS so we can listen throughout the house.

    So, we're looking for feedback from the Squeezebox Community as to which Music Streaming Services might be the most popular and easiest to configure with the widest selection available.

    All feedback graciously appreciated.

    Johnson City, TN

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    I use Spotify, mostly to audition albums before I decide to buy them...

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    deezer here

    I used to use Spotify, but changed when they did.

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    Given the work Michael has done on the Spotty plugin Spotify is the best integration with LMS imho.
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    I use Spotify and was ready to look elsewhere and then the Spotty plugin made everything about as good as I could ask.

    I mostly use Spotify to try before I buy music. Admittedly, most music I listen to on Spotify I listen to once and never again, or through automatic playlists, which serve me more like a radio. Consequently, I rarely listen to an album more than once on Spotify and I buy much less music.

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    I use Deezer hifi (FLAC quality) via the Ickstream LMS plugin

    The plugin is fairly basic, but playback works perfectly, at least. It only shows the first 200 of your favourite albums, which is annoying, but it's easy enough to search the entire Deezer collection via the plugin, so it doesn't really matter.

    Can't compare to the others, since I've not tried them.

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    I use Spotify, via the Spotty plugin. Works very nicely in my LMS system.
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    Files: ripping: dbpa > FLAC; post-rip: mp3tag, PerfectTunes; Streaming: Spotify

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    Spotify - has the widest range of playing devices ... LMS, smart speakers, windows web, Sonos, TV
    LMS server: Pi Zero

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    Another vote for Spotify - I use it via LMS and the Spotty plug-in running on a Raspberry Pi. I like it because of their selection of music. I listen mostly to Scandinavian music, and there's no other service I've found with the same catalog. (Not surprising, since they're based in Sweden.) But I also listen to Mexican pop, Americana, Bollywood, Eastern European and anything else that catches my ear. They even have me, on an obscure, non-commercial CD that I have a track on!

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    Spotify daily. I don't know what I'd do without it.
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