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    Forgive the clueness nature of my question but am I right to suppose that I can just get one of these wireless speakers, like a Google Home Max, somehow configure it to work with LMS that is on my desktop, and operate it with my android phone running Squeeze Ctrl? In other words, it will be just like a Squeezebox Boom? (I currently have one, love it, but know its days are numbered). Or do I have to connect say a SB Touch, Duet or Raspberry Pi a well? ( I have a few of these as well).
    You will need to install Phillipe's Castbridge plugin into LMS which detects and turns a Google Chromecast device (incl Speakers) into an SB player which you control like any other SB player. Limited to 24/96 and won't sync with your Boom but otherwise works perfectly.
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    Thanks. Good to know there are other options than trying to hunt down another SB Boom secondhand.
    What do people think is better general terms, including future proofing, between going the wireless speaker plus Chomecast with plugin (say of JBL Playlist) and a used Boom. A cheap Boom will cost me around $170, while JBLs are cheaper and new, and more flexible I guess than the Boom which, on the other hand, does integrate into my logitech environment.
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