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    Still have a tiny problem though: I set a new name and PW and that works. So player and WEB GUI asks for the credentials, I type them in, all good. The Mac's system preferences/LMS panel however also asks for name and PW after selecting the "information" panel. And it does *not* accept name and PW. Shouldn't that be the same?

    Furthermore the "cancel" button does not work, It keeps asking for name and PW, so that I have to force quite system preferences, to get out of the loop.
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    Had the same issue with a compromised server

    Followed Michaels procedure for the server.prefs file, restarted the server and I can play music again! And yes, I had port forwarded the server so I could access music from work -- turned that off!!! Now retired so don't need that any ways.

    Thanks Michael!


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