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    Like most hi-end hifi companies they just buy the software platform in and do a bit of case/logo engineering for these types of products. As these are low volume products (and always will be, they simply can't make a lot of them) they need to make high margins. The buyers know this, and they understand there is *some* value in the "rare" nature of the product, whether it performs any different from anything else or not. No intrinsic value, of course, just a perceptual value.

    Personally I'm not interested in the rarity value and will stick to digital sources that are well enough engineered to be reliable and no more than that..

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    NAD is a pretty good brand all in all.

    The M22 power amp uses Hypex. Yes, I am partial as per my sig. Sure there are lower priced manifestations, but hey. It's one of those things where you never have to worry about an amp again (ha- famous last words).

    Then again - who is so helpless they think they need an audio brand for ripping and streaming stuff? Your chain starts at the DAC.
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