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> The Cache tree is explicitly for purgeable data so the OS could try to
> free up space there, that would be expected behavior.

And LMS is supposed to re-install plugins missing from it's
InstalledPlugins folder.
Ah, yes, of course you are right. I thought that configuration was also in plugin-data.yaml but it's in extensions.prefs.

If that fails because some repository has
disappeared, then this certainly is frustrating. But nothing we should
try to work around by changing LMS. You can manually install plugins.
The folder is shown in Settings/Information. Just keep a copy of the ZIP
file, if it's important to you.
Or you could move the plugin folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Squeezebox/Plugins
The only downside is that you then have to manually update it.

I think the best way would be to keep a copy of the plugin folder from "Installed Plugins" and if it's lost, restore the copy to ~/Library/Application Support/Squeezebox/Plugins