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    Pi3 pCP LMS music library on 4 USB sticks?

    Am running a pi3 with a powered hard drive connected via USB for my music library. Has anyone tried mounting 4 high capacity USB sticks, each stick with a different section of the full library, the 4 sticks between them containing the entire library? If so, did it work smoothly, and secondly, was there a particular brand of stick that allowed the 4 sticks to sit neatly together without interfering and putting physical stress on the circuit board of the pi3?

    Cheers, David
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    G'day David

    The power supplied by the pi to the four usb ports is shared between them so you would need to check the requirements of each of the sticks.

    There should, in theory, be no problem, but why not just sit the pi on top of small usb hard drive?

    Got to be cheaper, surely?

    I sometimes use one of these


    Any reputable brand small drive will do, a connector cable is cheap enough, depending on your required capacity you might be able to source a cheapish SSD if you so wish.


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    1A overall can be served by Pi3 to the USB ports.
    I don't think that would work, at least due to scanning: you'll get your 4 devices active at the same time and I think that will require current over 1A.
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    I don't think its a good idea either. 4 potential points of failure (5 if you include powered hub). I don't see any gain except £ if you already own the usb sticks.
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    It might be a bit easier to go with a NAS connected via the router to the Pi running LMS - this is what I use to store the files.
    (It's possible the OP is after a more portable LMS device, hence the 4 x USB sticks.)

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