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    3.5.0 + LMS + Pi3B+ - syncronisation

    I have a strange error exhibited only on the Pi3B+.

    I had set up LMS on a Pi3B following the tutorial, and syncronised 3 players - all was working fine.

    I then decided to move the set up over to the new Pi3B+ to take advantage of the quicker processing speeds. It works fine but there is an audible stop every 20 seconds or so.

    UnSyncing the players cures this and things go back to normal, but the players now are now longer in sync.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I repeated the set up on a different SD card with exactly the same result.

    Could it be a buffering issue ?

    Any and all help will be most welcome...


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    Likely just some buffering differences. But there are still some glitches in the lan driver for the 3B+.

    Either increase the buffering on your players, or just go back to what worked.
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    It's Pi3B+ specific

    Since the problem is manifesting on a Squeezebox Touch, and a Radio, I have no access to change the buffering, so I have reverted to a Pi3B.

    All works fine now, but the extra speed of the Pi3B+ really shows when (re)scanning the library - about a 40% improvement over the Pi3B !

    I am sure you will find (and kill) this particular gremlin soon.


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    Fixed by v4

    I can confirm that this problem has been killed by version 4.

    Top job, people - I now have v4 running on Pi A, Pi 2B+, Pi 3b, Pi 3b+ and Pi zero, all working with LMS running on the 3B+ - really impressive.

    Thanks to all for your time, skill and effort.


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