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    Quote Originally Posted by JJZolx View Post
    "LP playback system" ... A turntable? You can play CDs on a turntable now? That's pretty cool.

    Reading audiophile forums is how you get good playback of badly mastered CDs?
    Pedantry will get you everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    People much younger than me thinks vinyl i kind of hip hence its current comeback .

    I abamdoned it in the early 90ĺs sometimes wonderng if i should take it up again as a nostalgig thing.

    My parents also gave up vinyl at the same time , but i do think must audiophiles are my dadĺs ago or slightly older.
    With them a lot of silly things would ll die.
    Most normal people of that age probably have a harder time to abandon vhs and fm radio at home ( fm radio in the car is sad necessity)
    I've been on a vinyl digitizing kick again lately and have been doing my collection of Warner Brothers Loss Leaders. I'm occasionally surprised at how good some of it sounds, but it's sure variable! Even the same side of a record can start out horrible but be terrific by the end. It's interesting to also get visual confirmation of what I'm hearing: ClickRepair will show me it's doing all kinds of work on some passages and nothing at all on others.

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    I retired my turntable a loooong time ago. I only brought it out around ~2007 to digitize some albums that were never re-issued. I always took excellent care of my vinyl. But I digitized and then sent the turntable (technics SL1200, nothing exotic) back to a storage location. And I gifted it last year.

    I have no nostalgia for the sound nor the ritual, but I do like the large album art as my reading ability has suffered over the last few years :-D

    But among a few things that make me foam out of my mouth like a rabid werewolf is when modern artists introduce artificial hiss and pop to a perfectly good digital recording. AAARRRGGGHHHH. Enough said.
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