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    Hardware vs software volume control in a DAC

    Can someone explain the difference between software and hardware volume control in a DAC in combination with PCP ?

    I do understand that outputting a 16 bit source over a 24 or 32 bit DAC does give us the space to simply add an attenuation factor to the data.
    But does PCP use the 32 bits option of a simple TI5102a if the source is 16 bits?

    I had been thinking of buying a TI5122 based board for hardware control, but it might not give me any improvement.
    So who does know these internals of PCP , dacs and LMS , and can explain me how it works and or link me to content that does explain this tech stuff ?
    Perhaps someone who wrote the drivers.

    Thanks in advance !
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    In reality a digital attenuation is going to be just as good if not better than analogue. PCP/LMS/squeezelite will usually attenuate in the digital stream, so it won't use the DAC s own "hardware" volume control, but LMS/squeezelite also always pads 16 bit data to 24 bit anyway, so any volume calculation is done at 24 bit so you likely won't notice...

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