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    Quote Originally Posted by jarome View Post
    Did you go into Yast2 and turn it on in the System Services panel?
    Yes, but that gave me an unspecified error. So i tried to do it manually.

    Correction: actually the error message is:
    writing the configuration file failed:
    could not enable logitechmediaserver. squeezeboxserver.service - LSB: Startup script for the Logitech Media Server
      Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d./squeezeboxserver; generated; vendor preset: disabled)
      Active: inactive (dead)
        Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8)
    Would you like to continue editing?
    When i try
    systemctl enable logitechmediaserver.service
    the error message is:
    Failed to enable unit: Unit /run/systemd/generator.late/squeezeboxserver.service is transient or generated.
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    7.9.0 doesn't work with Leap15

    Hi Rik,

    Have tried your 7.9.0 RPM file, but I get the following error: "Nothing provides perl-data-URIEncode"
    I then used yast to install the "perl-URI-Encode" package (no 'perl-data-URIEncode" package showed up) and tried again.
    As expected: same error message. I ignored the message and installed the package.
    When I then do 'sudo ./slimserver.pl' I get the error message "Audio::Scan (loaded <not found>, need 0.93)

    What to do?

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    Will not start on OpenSUSE Leap 15

    > When I then do 'sudo ./slimserver.pl' I get the error message
    > "Audio::Scan (loaded <not found>, need 0.93)
    > What to do?

    Try 7.9.1 at least, or even a 7.9.2 nightly build.



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    7.9.0 doesn't start on Leap15

    Thanks Michael, it's working now!

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