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    lirc: name of keys for changing tracks (pC and LMS)

    my RB 3 is playing music with PiC 3.22:
    IQAudio Amp+
    LMS: autostart with radio station
    Lirc: activated

    (It was mentioned that the # 3.50 is strange with lirc, therefore I used the older one, which could/should be updated without any hassle to 3.50.
    But first the remote, afterwards the update, if ...)

    But there are a few keys missing, which I could not find;
    not in the forum and not at github (/ralph-irving/tcz-lirc).

    I am using the remote from odroid, lircd.conf is fine:
    Volume up, Volume down, Off (no need for that), Pause.
    That's it, sadly.

    Going to the next track of the playlist does not work.
    Right now there is *fwd* and *rew* in the lircrc.
    The arrows on the piCore Player browser interface (Squeezelite) are responding instantly:
    On the top there is ◄◄ Previous Track // Next Track ►►.
    By clicking on one of these two, the track on my playlist (LMS) is changed.

    Could anyone give me some advice, how I can address these buttons with the remote?
    I fiddled around some time and would be happy to get some help.

    Thx a lot.
    Kind Regards,

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    track_prev / track_next

    Found this in the sourcode of the player GUI
    I will test it.

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