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Thread: Deezer app

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    Quote Originally Posted by chavezdaniel View Post
    I hear ya, man. Those suggestions are great, and hopefully we'll see an update soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by mvn2009 View Post
    Totally agree, Deezer app really needs an update.
    Yes, but it is work folks...
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    Squeezebox Touch

    Running LMS 8.1.1 from Synology NAS, and no matter what i do it won't play FLAC with Deezer. Works everywhere else, but my Touch.

    I have tried playing albums I have never played before, to avoid the cache issue where it remembers the track is an mp3, but doesn't help.

    Should I log out and in again of Deezer on mysqueezebox.com or something for hifi to be activated on Touch? I am using the original Logitech Deezer app (1.0 I believe).
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    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_44 View Post
    Yes, but it is work folks...
    Fair, point taken. Very much appreciate all the hard work you and others put into maintaining this platform, that's for sure!

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