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Thread: Deezer app

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    same here: i can't login to Deezer on mysqueezebox.com: Invalid username or password.
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    I can confirm all of the issues presented in the previous for this morning. Deezer streaming started doing weird things (like timeouts) until it stopped working altogether, but it seems to be a general Deezer outage https://en.deezercommunity.com/get-s...-is-down-67533

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    Deezer app

    > same here: i can't login to Deezer on mysqueezebox.com: Invalid username
    > or password.

    I'm indeed seeing a lot of Deezer related errors coming from their
    servers. I fear you'll have to sit it out.



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    Track duration/remaining time

    I've only recently started using Deezer again, I've noticed that the track duration is incorrectly displayed. It seems to pick a random track length and then starts counting down to zero, where it remains, but the track still has some way to play to the end. Is this a known issue?

    This appears the same on all my displays (controller, radio, touch, material). I'm not using a paid for account, I do have an account but I'm not sure LMS is using it as I can't see anywhere to set up the account login (it's been ages since I've used deezer, and I had forgotton it was even installed, so thought I'd give it a go to see if it still worked!) The plugin is deezer v1.0
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    Hello !
    Daphile was updated recently with the last LMS version (8.1) and plays deezer in FLAC.
    Thanks again Michael !

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    I'm gonna try deezer HiFi out!

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    LMS 8.1.1 and Deezer FLAC!!!

    Some minor glitches but all went fine. Got it working

    FLAC on SB Radio is a must

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    Deezer Plugin Menu Structure

    I find it very hard to navigate the deezer plugin menu because a. it does not look like the deezer app menu structure and b. the content is never or very seldom updated. As a result there is no dynamic New Releases section.

    The Menu goes like this

    Search music. ->Works great. I find myself using this the most often

    Top Charts -> Tracks
    Tracks, Albums and Artists feature random stuff with no specific genre, year or country and are mostly static

    Picks -> Genre. Outdated stuff and mostly static. The jazz genre shows Norah Jones and Duke Ellington since I the day I installed plugin a year ago (or more)

    Genres -> Top Charts ( Has another level -> Tracks, Albums, Artists all which lead to static, random and outdated content)
    Picks. The same Norah Jones and Duke Ellington
    Artists. Static. Frank Sinatra and Dina Krall (static)

    In summary, we do not need a three layer menu structure and the repetition (Picks -> Genre, Genre-> Picks). The tidal plugin for instance does a great job of mimicking the native tidal app and the featured music is updated regularly.

    The Deezer app is very simple and nice and goes as follows (which may be replicated in the plugin)

    Highlights -> Charts, New Releases, Curators, Mixes
    Genres -> Playlists, Album of the Week, New Releases etc.

    Looking forward to hearing your comments

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    I hear ya, man. Those suggestions are great, and hopefully we'll see an update soon.

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    Totally agree, Deezer app really needs an update.

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