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    Announcements/Doorbell plugin?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a plugin that can play announcements etc. without modifying existing playlists etc.
    The idea is to playback/overlay the doorbell on my squeezebox devices and afterwards return to the state they were before.

    Do you know of such a plugin? Is it basically possible to overlay an announcement on squeezebox devices?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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    This would be great! Certainly easier than handling playlist resume logic externally

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    ISTR HomeAssistant (aka HASS) having something like this.
    Might have been for spoken announcements - like "come down for dinner!".
    Paul Webster
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    I have a php script that will do this

    It's quite involved, but I could try to generalise and share it; it's not a plugin, unfortunately - you need a webserver to run it on.

    Quick summary:
    • Uses Amazon's Polly text to speech service to convert any string to a spoken mp3
    • Inserts the mp3 at the end of the current playlist
    • Records the current playlist position (track number and time within track)
    • Skips to the end of the playlist to play the announcement
    • Skips back to the original track/time within track in the playlist
    • Deletes the announcement mp3 from the playlist

    It's a bit convoluted but it works really well. I used it to announce transport/commute information while I'm listening to internet radio in the morning.

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    A while ago I posted this
    It uses multicast and socat and hence works when LMS is down. Only works with software players where you can adapt alsa.conf to create a new output device. Works fine with a simple payload and local sounds, not tested sending an actual audio payload. Doesn't sync since it lives besides LMS.
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