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    Ubuntu 18.04 anyone?

    Inevitable question - I have started to create an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and LMS 7.91 VM.

    Anyone else gathered any experiences? If not I shall report. :-)
    Server: Virtual Machine (on VMware Workstation) running Ubuntu 18.04 + LMS 7.9.1
    System: SB Touch -optical-> Benchmark DAC2HGC -AnalysisPlus Oval Copper XLR-> NAD M22 Power Amp -AnalysisPlus Black Mesh Oval-> KEF Reference 1
    Other Rooms: 2x SB Boom; 1x SB Radio; 1x SB Classic-> NAD D7050 -> Totem DreamCatcher + Velodyne Minivee Sub
    Computer audio: workstation -USB-> audioengine D1 -> Grado RS1/Shure 1540

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    18.04 works fine for me with LMS with one caveat. MusicIP does not work without some additional tinkering. I have posted my solution on the last post of this thread HERE. I am not using a VM but a full install.
    Logitech Media Server Version: 8.0.0 - 1590897265 @ Sun May 31 06:47:52 CEST 2020
    Operating system: Debian - EN - utf8
    Platform Architecture: x86_64-linux
    Perl Version: 5.26.1 - x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi
    Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.58 (sqlite 3.22.0)

    One SB Touch connected by Ethernet - Denon AVR -1912 Receiver, Paradigm 4.1 speakers
    SB Touch connected by Optical to Sabaj A4
    amp and Energy bookshelf speakers
    Two SB Radios wireless

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlimChances View Post
    I have posted my solution on the last post of this thread HERE.
    Thank you so much for posting your solution! Though I have not implemented it yet, I suppose it will save me hours of frustration. For anyone else struggling with Ubuntu 18.04 and Music IP, here is the direct link to the solution: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post913569 (the one above points to the thread, but you don't have to read it all...
    Server: LMS 7.9.2 on an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine
    Players: Radio, Touch, Duet (Receiver & Controller), 2 Booms
    Remote control apps: SqueezePad (iOS), Squeezecontroller (Android)
    Important plugins: Trackstat, Spicefly Sugarcube, Lazy Search Music, Custom Browse, Multi Library, Material Skin

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