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    Connected clients

    Hi - I'm having this discussion with a user about my group player https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post913523 and it seems that for him the Slim::Player::Client::clients() call returns more than the connected players for him. I looked at the code and I see that it returns the %clientHash content (the non-hidden players) and looking further how this hash is being built, it seems that it can only contain clients that have registered to LMS using slimproto and respond to hearbeat. Do I miss something?
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    Connected clients

    Maybe it's worth asking about other plugins. A plugin could potentially
    cause players to show up in that list. Though it wouldn't explain why
    you'd see them in your players, but not in the other lists.

    Or double-check is "show disconnected players" flag. Maybe that flag got
    somehow corrupted. You could add a debug statement to confirm the path
    you're taking.


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