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Thread: Help PAM8203A

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    Help PAM8203A


    I badly need your help
    I own the amplifactor PAM8302 from Adafruit:


    I have a Pi zero with a Phat Dac sound card:

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    As I use a passive speaker I wanted to connect the PAM8302 except that I do not know how to connect it to my Pi zero with Phat Dac.

    Could you tell me or connect it on GPIO or other?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Looking at the image of this thing I'd say to just connect the output of your DAC to the "audio in +" and the "ground" pins of the supplied header, getting 5v from the PhatDAC header, to also connect to the "ground" pin and the "2-5VDC" pin (https://pinout.xyz/pinout/phat_dac)
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    hello i use this topic :
    all works great
    thank you so much for your help

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