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Thread: Spotty help?

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    Spotty help?

    Please can someone help?
    I find I can no longer play Spotify via my Squeezebox but I gather there is something called Spotty which helps.
    However, I can't find anywhere a clear explanation of how to find and install Spotty.
    There is a thread on this Forum with over 100 pages on the subject but, having ploughed through a lot of it, it really makes little sense to a non-geek!
    Is there a simple instruction somewhere?

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    Spotty help?

    > Is there a simple instruction somewhere?

    Fire up LMS web UI. Go to Settings/Plugins and install it like any other
    plugin. There's no magic to it.



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    Spotty help?

    It didn't show the first few times but does now!

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