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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    Well the new and changed changed Scan is a bit buggy new is often perfect changed can sometimes really need a complete rescan.

    And yes clear the playlist that had refrences to now not existing tracks ( the old Scan ) and add the album again seems logical.

    And what has the folder to do with it ?? Do you not Scan both folders ?

    LMS plats OGG too and some of the players do it natively it should be seamless ?

    Are you browsing by music folder ?

    Album would show up under album , genre , artist , composer etc regardless of file location .
    I only scan '.../FLAC'. The OGG and MP3 is for mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by earthbased View Post
    I only scan '.../FLAC'. The OGG and MP3 is for mobile.
    That makes sense .
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