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    Quote Originally Posted by garym View Post
    All FLAC files are lossless. But the file size can be smaller or larger based on setting of "1" through "8". This has nothing to do with lossy vs lossless (unlike the settings in creating an mp3 file). A computer may have to work a bit harder to ENCODE to make a FLAC file a bit smaller (8), but this is a one time thing as the future DECODING (playing) is essentially the same whether encoded as a 1 (largest file) vs 8 (smallest file). Many FLAC encoders default to "5".

    He may also be suggesting you edit ripit to deal with how the program names files, deals with multi disks, which tags are used, etc. I don't bother with any of this, because I use dbpoweramp for all my ripping then transfer my files over to my Vortexboxes.
    I was suggesting a good look through the ripit config where personally I stay with "5" but set up some tagging options, dispense with m3u playlist files etc and set "Artist/Album/01 - Track.flac" style filing structure.

    The ripper that is built in to VB is very powerful but dbpoweramp reference (i.e. the paid for one) has a few extra features that VB doesn't have. ACCURATERIP is one.
    Note however that by default dbpoweramp does not do replaygain tagging (VB does) so it does need some setting up to get things the way you want them.
    I think I am correct in saying that cover art is limited to 500x500 in VB whereas dbpoweramp reference will allow you to specify a higher resolution.

    My list of recommended ripping and associated software tools etc is as follows:

    VortexBox - tweaked
    dbPoweramp Reference Edition - carefully tweaked
    EAC - alternative ripping software
    mp3tag - to correct anomalies
    bulkfilechanger - allows modification file date / time stamps to be modified - useful if you have to do some retagging but don't want the album to suddenly appear in New Music
    foobar2000 - applying ReplayGain to files ripped without
    vinylstudio - ripping vinyl records to FLAC
    album art exchange - online cover art resource - https://albumartexchange.com/

    I'd also add that having 2 or 3 different machines with different CD drives is useful. Sometimes a CD won't rip in one but will in another (older slower) CD drive
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    Thnx for detailed info on this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    I'd also add that having 2 or 3 different machines with different CD drives is useful. Sometimes a CD won't rip in one but will in another (older slower) CD drive
    Excellent point, and even several different CD drives one can connect to a single machine is useful. I have about 4 different CD drives, and some can rip CDs error free that others can't rip. (It is not about price of drive either--some cheap throwaway drives from old computers work when newer/higher quality drives don't work on a particular CD rip).
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