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    Quote Originally Posted by SlimChances View Post
    Was it the wine install of graphical MusicIP or the MusicIP you installed by cli?

    Not sure if I can help you further than the instructions I gave as they were basically dictated by someone on the Ubuntu forums and another website. They worked for me with both Ubuntu 18.04 fresh install and Mint 19

    Edit: if it is the graphical part of MusicIP you are referring to you cannot to my knowledge connect to the server as the program is now abandonware. However you can still create MusicIP tracks. Suggest you make sure that under Preferences/General you have archive files ticked. To add files to MusicIP in this graphical interface go to library/add songs. Be careful not to duplicate this on future additions of songs or you will get duplicated archived tracks. When I chose add library and want to add an album I drill down to the album. Hope that helps
    Hi, I'm talking about the CLI MusicIP. Your instructions basically match the way I previously installed on 16.04, where it just worked. Performance on that machine was rather limited though (for my collection + the additional things I want to do with the machine), so I've just repurposed a slightly older machine which was lying idle in a cupboard (i5-4300M, 16GB RAM) and proceeded with a completely fresh install.
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    Sorry I can not offer more help. However you could look over the Ubuntu Forum thread where I got my directions for the Cli install ,perhaps I missed a step in my description. Start at post #9 with @nlee2.

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