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    Q; How to get PiCorePlayer to turn on an Amazon Smart Outlet.

    I have several Raspberry Pi 3B+ SBCs with HifiBerry Pro XLR DACs. These are connected to powered audio monitors that don't power on/off automatically. So, I leave the speakers turned on, but plug them into an Amazon Smart outlet.

    The Pi is powered over Ethernet, so it stays powered-up 24/7, independent of the outlet. That means it's always visible to the LMS web ui.

    So far I tell our echo to manually turn on the target outlet when I want to play music in a zone. It's basic but it works. Also, there's a scheduled routine to turn off all the speakers at midnight every day.

    The PiCorePlayer software the runs on the RPI3s is Linux based. It allows me to trigger a script when music starts to play.

    So, any ideas about thow to craft a script would tell the associated Amazon Smart Outlet to power-on?
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