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    Quote Originally Posted by left channel View Post
    Favorite plugins
    • Band's Campout
    • Music and Artist Information
    • Radio Paradise
    • Tidal
    • Qobuz

    Favorite Favorites
    • SomaFM - Lush
    • SomaFM - Groove Salad
    • KCSM Jazz 91

    Also considering playing with Groups and Spotty.
    Thanks for the reply @Left_Channel, I had a look at the radio stations and love the Jazz station. How do I get those stations on my Logitech Music Server?

    Could you say a little more about what each plug in does, I would love to learn more about each one and find it if it might be useful for me.

    Thanks in advance

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    What additional Plug ins have youinstalled?

    1uke_ - are you for real or just trying to waste our time?

    You are asking question as if you had no idea what kind of software you
    installed, nor why you did so. You ask questions for which you don't
    read the answers. You ask questions only a few lines after you got the
    response. You ask users to describe plugins, when every plugin comes
    with a description in the plugin manager.

    >> Spotty - if you have a Spotify premium account it allows you to play
    >> Spotify tracks

    > Can I use Spotty with a free account? Or do you need a pay account to
    > use it?



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    Quote Originally Posted by 1uke_ View Post

    I'm new to the world of Logitech Music Server and I am loving it!
    According to your earlier posts you have been using LMS since December 2016.

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    Oh I dunno, maybe he's been in hiding since the election/Brexit/whatever. :-)

    @1uke_ adding one of those radio stations to Favorites is as simple as hovering over "Favorites", clicking edit icon (pencil), then clicking the "New Favorite" button, entering the name, and pasting in the url for that stream.

    As for the plugins, there are threads here on each of them. After reading a bit, feel free to reply with specific questions.

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