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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryS View Post
    I am one of those odd people who prefers to run MYSQL rather than SQLITE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post

    If you think you'd save some memory or other resource: I might have to
    disappoint you.

    Thanks for the explanation, it is interesting to know. My purpose in using MYSQL however, is not to save memory or machine resource, the pi seems fast and responsive under the loads I put on it. In fact I only use a subset of the LMS capabilities, populating the database and sending the music to players, volume control, pause next track and stop using the JSON-RPC interface. I control this with my own web interface that is built on direct SQL queries of the LMS database. I use similar interfaces for streaming movies, a virtual art collection and the family photos. Therefore I have built up some familiarity with MYSQL and its tools. I accept that it is possible to use SQLite in its place and I have tried this out as proof of concept. However, old people hate change and I am one of them!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to bore you all with what is a very unique edge-case. My purpose for the original post in the thread was simply that I thought it worthwhile pointing out the performance gains I got with the changes I made (in this context, the scanning of new and changed music seems much faster than before also). After this my intention was to try and help another user who is experiencing problems. It certainly was not my intention to promote the use of MYSQL as an alternative to SQLite.



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