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    Quote Originally Posted by huxmut View Post
    Hey Peppi,

    The optimised version has some tweaks to the tiny core kernel and audio components in the software that reduce latency and some other tricky bits.
    You'd need a particularly good setup and have a DAC that assumes the master clock of the Pi and DAC and resamples the stream into something approaching perfection before you'd hear the differences.
    adding to that is the optimised version has a number of issues/limitations, like doesnt play well with wifi, that make it not suitable for the beginner.
    Stick to the standard version, you wont be disappointed
    Thanks for explaining.
    I am using a Hifiberry + pro with the pi 3+ connected to a tube amp and Jim lab cobalt 816
    I am very happy with the sound and will stick to the standard version.

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    hi Peppi,

    When you change to pCP4.0.0 (or greater) you will get a lot more messages and warnings if you try to load the non-standard version.

    Trying to make a greater distinction between the two versions, we changed the names to:

    • pCP4.0.0 Standard Version
    • pCP4.0.0 Experimental RealTime Kernel


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    You should offer a "standard" and a "awesome audio" and the "pi killer real time kernal" version.
    The first two both being identical...

    Great efforts this year Team pCP. It seems this tiny distro is always improving and advancing.
    Thanks a ton
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