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    Help unable to play music

    Hi, been using Raspberry PI for music for many years and have had only a few hicups along the way. Every time I setup up a PI it connects and communicates on my network without any issues. Last year I offered to help a friend set one up in his home and it has been one thing after another. I believe the bulk of the problem is network related. He just recently switched to JRiver Media server. PI is loaded with PICorePlayer 3.5. Had issues hooking up to internet first time, but after rebooting it hooked up with Media Server. Playing music sounding good, he loaded more music on the computer and rebooted to have it show up, yes I know he didn't have to. At that point he lost communication with pi, and was unable to find it with Fing. So we pulled the plug to reboot. After rebooting it showed up again on Fing, but still was not seen on JRemote or JRiver. So tried to reboot computer and still no sign of PI.

    Could anyone offer some advice on how to sort through this once and for all??

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Hi Mark,

    I wasn't aware that piCorePlayer works with JRiver Media server


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    Try making sure everything is working on ethernet cable before going to wifi. It might be poor signal ??
    Also try using pCP with LMS as the server and see if that makes a difference.
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    @ mjock3

    If you want to use an rpi with JRiver you need to go here


    I gave this a try-out earlier this year and have to say I found it very flaky.

    I'm not enamoured with JRiver (never have been) but I know some people seem to like it

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    Yes, I have no problems using Jriver at home with picore, it is seen immediately with no problems. The reason we switch to Jriver is he is running a Mac and using miniĺs with Jeremote on them. Unfortunately he updated the software on the miniĺs and can no longer run squeezebox on them. He is using something similar to Netgear powerline bridge in order to eliminate any WiFi problems.
    And we continue to have drop out problems regardless. I have been trying to get this working for over a year and just cannot figure it out. Maybe I will see if a long Ethernet cable will cause it to stop. :

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    Just remembered the PI is showing up on Fing so it is live, will an Ethernet run actually do anything?

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    Fault finding is a process of elimination.
    Start with a working system (pCP wired connection to LMS) and make one change at a time.
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