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While I agree sound quality is an important aspect, some are more sensitive to SQ than others. Let's face it, depending on the listening situation, sometimes convenience trumps SQ.

That's why I addressed the original poster, since he was using SB/Touch, to ask what he was doing with it.

Others gravitate to using self contained Boom's/Radio's. As good as they are, they are lower SQ than a full blown stereo rig.

As per my earlier post, for late night listening or just a quick portable solution, I use phones/tablets plugged into headphones or other self-powered/portable speakers...even a 1/8" to L/R RCA connector at a few friends houses that haven't embraced the LMS infrastructure...yet! They think it's wild I can stream music to their house from my collection in just a few minutes.

BTW, interesting device. Is that using DLNA to communicate?
I'm sorry, I don't hang out in here much anymore. The N-50 has great SQ, but it lacks the flexibility like the Squeezebox devices are. It uses DNLA, AirPlay or direct USB input, I use it with My 4TB Storage on my network and use it as a DAC with a Touch.