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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post
    I'm not sure how that is the case, If the player was already "On" would that affect the alarm and the other timers ? If not I don't see how turning them on before an alarm affects them either ?
    It's just it took a long time to get alarm code which most users didn't complain about - so most developers don't want to go near it even for the smallest change.

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    I have found an extremely inelegant way to do it;

    I run

    (echo "b8:27:eb:xx:xx:xx power 1"; sleep 1; echo "exit") | nc localhost 9090
    via cron a minute or two before the alarm is due.

    How easy is it write plugins ?


    Edit:- Its so inelegant I feel dirty
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    And you could script the play action and script the volume ramp up too. Writing a plugin you'd need to learn some perl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by drmatt View Post
    Simple: set a silent alarm two minutes before the real one...
    This does not work, player stops after first alarm and does not start the second concurrent one

    I believe this is inaccurate.
    I think what happens is the second alarm triggers in the server while the 1st one is still running. When this happens, the 2nd alarm has the effect of stopping the running one.

    So the quite inelegant but, I think, effective solution is to pile up 3 alarms:
    1- Silent at t-3
    2- False start at t-1
    3- Real alarm at t0
    (perhaps t-2, t0 and t0 would also work, I'm not sure)

    I have no doubt the alarm function is very complicated, as bpa mentions.

    Recently I needed an alarm launched from cron and not from LMS, I used the squeezy perl CLI in a shell script. The script was a bit complicated but I managed to regroup players and make them fade-in over 5 minutes by directly stepping the volume controls, all via the LMS CLI. A plugin would have been better, of course.
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